Helene Wold
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Song and Piano

Helene Wold, soprano
Eugene Asti, piano
Eugene Asti and Helene Wold have performed together since they were students at Guildhall School of music and Drama in London. They have a wide song-repertoire.
They have appeared in major recital-halls such as Queen Elizabeth Hall, St John Smith Square/ London, St Georges Brandon Hill/Bristol and Troldhaugen/ Norway. They have recently recorded a CD due to be released on LAWO/ autumn 2011.

Song and fortepiano

Helene Wold, soprano
Liv Glaser, fortepiano and modern pianos
This duo has worked together for more than a decade.
Liv Glaser and Helene Wold have recently recorded Lieder by Mendelssohn, Schumann and Brahms on a Graff piano for LAWO/ due to be released in spring 2012.
Their repertoire is from late classical to the early romantic era, played on historical pianos.

Voice, guitar, historical guitars and lutes

Helene Wold, soprano
Vegard Lund, guitar, historical guitars and lutes
This musical couple has a varied repertoire from medieval to
contemporary music. They have performed live on BBC radio3, Norwegian Radio NRK, and appear together on the CD, ”Lieder mit und ohne Worte”, LAWO.
They have programmes designed for churches, recital-halls and other  venues.

Chamber Operas

Händel: Apollo and Daphne
Menotti: The Telephone
Director: Ivar Tindberg

Lucy and Daphne: Helene Wold, soprano
Ben and Apollo: Per Andreas Tønder, baryton
These two one act operas are performed either with piano accompaniment (Anders Brunsvik), or with a small sinfonietta.
Apollo and Daphne:
Apollo having released Greece from tyranny by killing the menacing dragon Python, is in an arrogant mood. He boasts that even Cupid’s archery is no match for his own bow and arrow; however his conceit is shattered upon spying the lovely Daphne. Apollo is instantly smitten and plies his full range of charms in an attempt to win Daphne’s favour. Naturally distrustful, she rejects his advances, stating that she would rather die than lose her honour. Apollo becomes more forceful in insisting that she yield to his love and physically takes hold of her. When all seems lost, Daphne manages to escape his clutches by transforming herself into a laurel tree. Displaying great sorrow, Apollo states that his tears will water her green leaves and that her triumphant branches will be used to crown the greatest heroes.
The Telephone:
Ben, bearing a gift, comes to visit Lucy at her apartment; he wants to propose to her before he leaves on a trip. Despite his attempts to get her attention for sufficient time to ask his question, Lucy is occupied with interminable conversations on the telephone. Between her calls, when Lucy leaves the room, Ben even tries to cut the telephone cord — unsuccessfully. Not wanting to miss his train, Ben leaves without asking Lucy for her hand in marriage. But Ben makes one last attempt: He calls Lucy from a telephone booth outside on the street and makes his proposal. She consents, and the two join in a romantic duet over the phone line, at the end of which Lucy makes sure that Ben remembers her phone number.


Director: Knut Sether, Rikskonsertene
Duration: 40 min (or more...)

Helene Wold, soprano
Bjørn Andor Drage, organ
This  is a concert designed for school-children.
The programme has often been adapted to other age-groups and also whole evening concerts.
Helene Wold has performed Toccattack since 2003 for Rikskonsertene in Norway. This critically acclaimed performance has already been to Akershus, Tønsberg, Haugesund, Molde, Kristiansund, Elverum, Hamar and Bodø.
Toccattack is a mixture of theatre and concert performance with humour and education about church-organs.  The performance includes early classical, contemporary, and also popular music.

Contact Helene Wold for more information:
Mob: + 47 4132 8175